The Human Resource Framework Staff and Skills SLP Custom Essay

Acceptable sources include:

1) Personal interviews with organizational officers or other knowledgeable persons inside the organization.

2) Published articles/stories about the organization.

3) Television/radio/news stories about your organization.

4) In-house newsletters, annual reports, etc. produced by the organization.

5) Reports by outside organizations or advisors providing analysis of the organization (e.g., financial analyst).

6) What do you perceive you have learnt in Module 4 SLP? Please provide your evaluation of the Module 4 SLP in brief.

SLP Expectations

In Module 4 SLP, you are expected to:

? Create an annotated bibliography for staff and skills by preparing four new entries

?Type and double space the research paper.

? The following criteria will also be used to assess your paper:

>Precision: Does the paper address the question(s) or task(s)?

>Breadth: Is the full breadth of the subject, i.e., all the keys to the assignment, addressed?

>Depth: Does the paper/report address all elements of the topic in sufficient depth? Does it include and apply the background readings and other background resources? Are they included as references?

>Critical thinking: Are the concepts of this module applied accurately, logically, and relevantly?

>Organization: Is the paper organized in a coherent and systematic manner? Are headings included in all papers greater than 2 pages?

>Clarity: Is the writing clear and the concepts articulated properly? Are paraphrasing and synthesis of concepts the primary means of response to the questions, or are thoughts conveyed through excessive use of quotations?

Also, please don’t forget to look at the 7S Checklist questions on the ( if you need some help determining what kinds of information you should be looking for. In addition, review the “four frameworks for leadership” model introduced in the background material.

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